Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction: why not try natural remedies first?

The best way to treat erectile dysfunction is to apply natural remedies. But even in this case the treatment will be more effective if you find the causes that led to the erection problem. ED can be entailed by heart disease, for instance. The reason for it is that erection occurs when blood fills spongy corpora cavernosa of the penis. Hypertension or hypotension affect the blood system and can bring to impotence therefore one should determine if this is the cause of undesirable condition. In this case, everything that is good for blood vessels, is great for good erection. The man should move much to boost blood circulation. The researchers from Harvard came up with the figures that prove the efficacy of walking. If you walk for half an hour, the risk of erectile dysfunction is 40% lower.

Problems with erection are also caused by psychological problems. This is acute for any age, even for young people. Stress plays a big role in it. Then natural means of ED treatment are ways to cope tension and irritation.

The person should not be exhausted when he tries to get rid of erectile dysfunction. It is important for the ED patient to sleep well at night. There are many herbal products that can help if man does not sleep well. All other things will not be effective if you do not care about your basic needs. How can one get relaxation without it?

Normal nutrition is another necessary point. Right diet contributes to treatment of erectile dysfunction. The man should care about the balanced and healthy nutrition. Seafood is considered to be one of the best products for male health. Eggs is a libido-boosting product as well as nuts that are considered healthy for men in many countries of the world. The mix of honey with walnut is a very powerful remedy for ED.

Among other libido-boosting products are onions, known for its aphrodisiac properties. Presence of allicin in onions make them natural blood thinners. If you fry sliced onion in ghee, its effect increases twice because this product also improves sexual function. You can also add honey to the mixture for better effect.

Watermelon seeds can also be included to the list of healthy products so do not throw them out! This product packed with many healthy vitamins includes arginine and protein. Citrulline, contained in watermelon seed, features Viagra-like effect. The seeds must be sprouted and shelled to take the most of this product – it is easier for digestion then.

Avocado provides sexy benefits as well as it includes heart-healthy unsaturated fats. Even Aztecs knew about that. They called avocado “nahuati” that literally means testicle. The vegerable acquired this name because of its shape and sex enhancement characteristics. Even ancient people knew that heart-healthy product improves the sexual function as well. Not long ago we received scientific proof of this fact. Now we know that men with underlying heart disease suffer from ED more often and this condition can even be a sign of heart disease.

Refuse from junk food and choose healthy snacks instead. Almonds can be a great substitution that includes selenium, zinc, vitamin E. Zinc contributes to better libido in men. Other nuts and seeds are also great for male health. Cashew includes zinc, walnuts – omega-3 acids, which raise dopamine level, making arousal easier to achieve. These foods are also good for energy, excellent memory and elevated mood.

Add berries to your menu to raise sexual endurance. Strawberries became a symbol of sexual pleasure not for nothing. This mouthwatering berry is a rich source of vitamin B that improves sperm count. If you cover strawberries in chocolate, it looks seducing and the product acquires methylxanthines that enhance libido.

Other healthy products and supplements for men are:

  • Figs (zinc, calcium, potassium, iron);
  • Oysters (zinc and compounds that raise testosterone level);
  • Pomegranate juice (rich source of antioxidants);
  • Horny goat weed (icariin that acts like Viagra);
  • Ginseng tea (prevents hormones that negatively affect libido). Red ginseng is also called herbal Viagra.

L-arginine is an amino acid is produced in a natural way in the organism. It is necessary for generation of nitric oxide.

You can also resort to Kegel exercises that promote sexual health and acupuncture that helps to relieve stress.

Why not try at least some of these fantastic things before you start drinking chemical medications?

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