Stamps to diagnose erectile dysfunction

Surprising as it may seem but American scientists studying erectile dysfunction found out that this disease may be diagnosed using postage stamps.

Currently, doctors interview patients and their partners to diagnose erectile dysfunction. However, diagnostics based only on patients’ answers is not a reliable one.

A stamp test is based on the fact that one of the indicators of normal erectile function is nocturnal erection. To determine the cause of erectile dysfunction, men should wrap the strip of stamps around the penis before they go to bed. If the stamp ring is broken in the morning, it means that a man ha a nocturnal erection.

94 prostate cancer patients participated in this experiment. They filled in standard surveys and performed a stamp test before, during, and after the treatment.

The results showed that stamp test results before the treatment were not associated with patients’ sex life satisfaction. During the course of treatment, the scientists noticed a connection between the survey answers and stamp test results.

The scientists claim that the results they got, confirm that a stamp test is objective and can be used to detect erectile dysfunction.

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