The phenomenon of Viagra - why men need it

Viagra is one of the most widespread medical preparations that comes to mind at once when men start thinking about such unpleasant male problem as erectile dysfunction. This was the first medicine that appeared on the market to cure the conditions of this type and with years its popularity has become incredible. Actually, now we can speak about the phenomenon of Viagra that influenced the whole industry.

Viagra (Sildenafil) works effectively making muscles of penis relaxed. Thanks to it there is no problem with blood circulation and this eliminates the problem of erection.

Viagra should not be taken with some other medication that contains nitrate or medications, which are also called "poppers". It can entail unfavorable consequences, such as drop in blood pressure.

We should avoid negative effect of Viagra. Some side effects that were noticed include temporary loss of sight. It happens rarely and the most vulnerable people who are subjected to danger are people with heart troubles, hypertension, heavy smokers, the patients with high cholesterol level, diabetics. One should be very careful buying Viagra 100mg without prescription. Stop taking it immediately if you feel not good after intake of medical preparation. You should contact doctor without delay to find out the reason and not to harm your health in the future. In order to get maximum effect from ED treatment the person should visit the doctor and follow his recommendations.

The question of dosage is very important. The doctor will determine the dosage that is more appropriate for the patient depending upon his medical history and current condition. Viagra 100 mg presents the biggest dose available. In general, there are 25, 50, and 100 mg pills. It is easy to see the dosage on a blue pill. The figures of dose are engraved on the coating.

It is very convenient to order Viagra 100mg online. It can also be a good way to economize because online pharmacies are able to offer good discounts. Such extra charge as tax or rent payment is not included into the price therefore it is reasonable to apply for the medicine online.

Generic Viagra is a good solution to your problem in the circumstances of monetary obstacles. This is a generic form of medication that was not approved by FDA. Anyway, generic version of medication helped a lot of people who are not able to afford Viagra from the original manufacturer.

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